How much does it cost to put in a water well?



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    Highly variable drilling costs, depending on depth, type of soil and/or rocks, etc. Could be from a few hundred to several tens of thousands of dollars. Linked reference suggests $12 per foot, but that is a very general estimate. Then there is the cost of a pump, electricity to run the pump, pipes to the area of use, etc.

    Second link gives a ballpark figure of $7000. Your mileage may vary.

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    I would check with different well drilling or water supplies companies in your area.  There is a link about doing it yourself, if you want to try that route – it might save you some money (see fdungan link).  However, I might check to see what the groundwater quality is in your area.  Check out the CDC link attached.

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    The cost is indeed variable–you’ll need to drill a certain depth to reach the aquifer.  In order to get a good estimate, you can check with your state Department of Ecology well logs.  This will show you how deep others around you had to drill in order to hit water. It will also help you determine if there is in fact a good water supply beneath your property.  It would be incredibly disappointing to spend money to drill and then find no water supply.

    As lola14 pointed out, you’ll want to check on the water quality in your area.  Even if you drill a well and hit water, you’ll have to get a bacterial test done on the water before it is approved for use.

    **Information provided by my father, a developer.

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