How much does it cost to make a LEED certified building?



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    There has been a large amount of research done and it was concluded that LEED certified buildings cost about the same as regular buildings to build. If all the considerations are made before the building is built, then the cost is minimally more, it is retro-fitting a building that costs so much. They have also found that the energy savings is coming through like they expected and LEED building are costing 25-30% less than the national average cost of building utilities.

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    Most sources say that depends.  Determining the cost of LEED certification rests on a range of factors.  These factors include everything from the size of the project, the stage at which one decides to pursue certification, the availability of grants or special state funding for seeking such certification, where one wants to build, and the experience of one’s designer.  If one decides early on to seek LEED certification, one can estimate that LEED will cost 2% of construction cost, in addition to around 150,000 in “soft costs,” which are the costs of a building outside of its direct construction, including legal fees, architectural and engineering fees, and financing fees.

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