How much does it cost to emit 1 ton of carbon?



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    Well, they say you produce 1 pound of CO2 for every mile you drive. And a ton is 2000 pounds. So every 2000 miles you drive you produce a ton of CO2. Cars get about 23 miles per gallon on average—that’s a complete ballpark guess, I have no idea what the real figure is—so if you divide that into 2000 you get the number of gallons you need to go that far. Get out my trusty dashboard calculator…. 86.95 gallons. We’ll round up.  So 87 gallons, and let’s say gas cost 2.76 per gallon — multiply this time and you get — about $240.  But that’s only if you wanted to do it with a car. There’s about a gazillion other ways to produce CO2. And if you really think about it, since we humans breath in oxygen (and a mixture of other gases) and exhale CO2, it doesn’t cost you anything at all… you probably breathe out way more than a ton of CO2 gas in a lifetime… I’m not sure of the actual figure because I’m not a respiratory expert biologist/chemist weirdo! But I do have a feeling that a human will produce that much CO2 in his or her lifetime? I’m going to ask that question of the community!

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