How much energy does a home solar system save over its lifetime?



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    This depends entitrely on the size and capability of the solar system that is installed. But let’s say a 1.5 kWh solar array running over the course of 15 years. — that would create a good deal of energy from a natural source (remember, energy is not saved, energy is still used, it just comes from a much cleaner source)… As for an actual number, I can only guess/ estimate (it all depends on energy use [how many appliances are plugged in at your house?] and the size of the system). Maybe if you were using 200 kWh a month  x 12 months that’d be 2400 kWh a year and over 15 years that be 36000 kWh??? But I think that is a high estimate. I remember seeing somewhere that the average home uses about 740 kWh of energy per year, so if you had a system that could provide 100 percent of your energy needs it’d be like over 10,000 kWh over the 15 year period. You can use this solar calculator tool but it’s not going to be very insightful to be honest. I say, if you’ve got the money, invest in the technology — that’s the only way to figure out how much you will actually save — when you start doing it and you see how well it is working, then you can figure out the lifetime savings.

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    This can be determined by calculating your usage needs, shading, size and capability of the solar system that is installed. You can easily contact a local qualified installer and they can determine the needs of your usage and design a system for you.

    Thanks to the federal government we can all do our part to go green. Nowadays you can go solar for no upfront costs and start saving right away.

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