How much waste does halloween produce between the costumes, treats, parties, and decorations?



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    Likely a great deal. I couldn’t find specific statistics that allude to the amount of extra waste generated thanks to this fun-filled tradition, but obviously, the excess packaging, costumes worn only once, and all the decorations and candy bags do take their toll on the environment. Although I couldn’t find specific figures for waste, I did find plenty of facts regarding how to “green your halloween”:

    At Green and Frugal Living, they recommend trading costumes, making your own, or seeking out costumes made from eco-friendly materials.

    Suite 101 states that companies are starting to recognize a need for more sustainable treats, and provides resources for treats that won’t trick the environment (ha ha).

    And in an article at the Ventura County Star, David Goldstein “borrowed” some of his children’s candy that they had already collected to dole out, in addition to offering more healthy and eco-conscious items like pencils made from recycled denim.

    Those are just a few links, but there are quite a few offering ways to reduce the waste impact this Halloween.

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