How much water does a drinking fountain use?



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    This depends solely on how many people use the fountain per day and how much they choose to drink. Because water fountains can vary in how much water they pump out when you go to take a drink, it is nearly impossible to give one figure for all of them. But let’s say that during regular hours every hour 10 people drank an 8 oz. drink of water per day (or they drank 4 oz. and the other 4 oz. were spilled—water WASTE!) then you would get 80 x 8 oz. of water drank which equals 640 oz.. Divide the number of ounces by the number of ounces in a gallon (128 oz. = 1 gal) and you get 640 -:- 128 = 5 gallons. So, about 5 gallons a day for an average water fountain… But if 100 people used the fountain per hour, which would be very highly traffic for a fountain I think, then 50 gallons of water would be used per day… (Which is still really not all that much. Maybe we should be asking how much water get’s wasted, poured down the drain; or how much energy is used by a fountain’s compressor as it cools the water down to drinking temperature!?)

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