How much does the flu vaccine reduce the chances of catching the flu?



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    This is dependent on a few factors, but when the vaccine is very closely mathed with the virus, it can prevent about 70-90% of infection.  When dealing with hospitals due to pneuimonia, it can prevent these at a rate between 30 and 70%.

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    This depends of a variety of factors.  Age and health status of the person receiving the vaccine makes a major difference in how well it works.  For instance, the flu vaccine is only 40-50% effective at age 65 and only 15-30% effective past 70.  One study in 2005-6 and 2006-7 showed the average effectiveness to be about 75% in preventing the flu.  However, another factor is that there are many different forms of influenza.  Therefore, the effectiveness of the vaccine depends on how similiar it is to the flu that is going around.

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