How much does a Chevy Volt cost?



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    General Motors announced in the summer of 2010 that the Chevrolet Volt would cost $41,000, although the price would be reduced to $33,500 with the federal electric-vehicle tax credit. If the car were purchased ‘fully loaded,’ meaning polished aluminum wheels, leather interiors, premium paint color, and a back-up camera with parking assist, the price would be $44,600 before the tax credit.

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    Add to the sticker price your monthly smartphone bill and onStar service.  With the smartphone app you can connect instantly with a customer service rep who can answer specific questions about the Volt.  You can also check your battery status, find out when charging is completed, and remotely start your car.

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    The Chevrolet Volt usually costs $41,000. If you have a tax liability of at least $7,500 then the price is reduced. If you decide to get the premium package (what is mentioned in the first answer) you are looking at an additional $4,000.

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