How much does the average person drive in America?



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    13,476 miles per year.

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    Each age group has an average as well.

    Teens aged 16-19 drive an average of 7,624 miles per year, with males driving over 1,000 miles more than females.

    The 20-34 age group drives an average of 15,098 miles, with males driving almost 6,000 miles more than females.  Statistics are very similar for the 35-54 age group.

    Americans aged 55-64 drive 11,972 miles per year, with males now driving a little over 8,000 miles more per year than females.

    The 65+ age group drives about as much as teens with 7,646 average miles.  In this group, males drive about 5,500 miles more than females.

    As rigibson stated, the overall average for U.S. drivers is 13,476, with males at an average of 16,550 miles per year and females at 10,142 miles per year.

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