How much does an adult bullfrog eat?



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    In a study in northwestern Ohio, the stomach contents of 132 bullfrogs were observed. Insects and crayfish were observed to be the most frequently eaten food items. Snails, turtles, salamanders, small rodents, and fish were also eaten. The results said that there weren’t any invertebrate or crayfish remains in bullfrogs weighing less than 50 grams. The amount eaten varies with the size of a bullfrog, but the study said that a 367 gram bullfrog had 42.6 grams of food in its stomach.

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    Bullfrogs will eat anything they can get into their mouths. They have teeth on the roofs of their mouths, so not much is off of the menu. Small mammals, large bugs, birds, and even other frogs are all fair game. 

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