How much do poached animals sell for?



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    It really depends on the animal. Large animals, those that are more rare, and those that are the best protected tend to get the most money on the black market.

    If I were going to be a poacher, I would seek out the animals that are popular medicinally for ailments like hair loss, infertility/sexual dysfunction, and weight loss. Then, if the animal were dangerous for me to capture, either through it’s own prowess or because of the laws forbidding my poaching it, I would charge a premium for it.

    That’s the way business works, especially illegal business. You know the price for a bag of weed goes up after a big bust? Well, that’s why. Supply and demand and the difficulty of getting the product to the consumer.

    The very fact that an animal is put on the endangered species list increases it’s value on the black market.

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