How much do people have to reduce their calories to lost weight?



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    It all depends on how many calories you burn during the day. If you restrict your calorie intake but do not exercise or burn calorie in anyway, it is no where near as effective as consuming more calories and exercising. Additionally, different calories are broken down and stored differently in your body, so calories alone are not an accurate way to measure and track someone’s weight. But limiting caloric intake along with a healthy and balanced lifestyle is an easy way to stay fit and ins-shape.

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    everyone possesses an basal metabolic rate that measure your idle caloric burn (yes, even laying in bed watching tv burns calories). it measure the calories burned for basic biological function, essentially to keep you alive durng the day. One pound of fat is 3500 calories, thus removing 3500 calories, including your BMR, from your typical caloric intake is a basic measurment of weight loss. With that said caloric intake should consists of mainly protein and carbs to promote muscle creation and energy for excercise.

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