How much recycling do other countries do compared to us?



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    Acording to, we recycle about 31.5% of our waste, which puts us seventh in the ranking of countries that recycle the most. All those above us are countries in northern Europe, the top three being Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Switzerland is the only country that recycles more than half of its waste.

    Though Denmark is not one of the top seven, it is also widely considered a very green country. Check the second link below to learn more about how our recycling strategies compare to others. The BBC reports that, as of 2005, the UK was actually far behind us with 18% of their waste recycled.

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    Depends on the country. Some countries don’t have any recycling facilities, because they have not yet developed the need for it — they don’t produce nearly as much trash / recyclable stuff as we do and so therefore it is not what they are going to be able to spend their money on. Other countries, however, are doing even more than we are, as is cited in this article:

    “Recyclable glass, paper, and metal collection is common in England (as in much of the United States). But some cities and towns are going even further. For example, the London boroughs of Barnet, Brent, and Waltham Forest are making recycling compulsory with a “three strikes and you’re fined” policy enabled by the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 (the local town councils are vigilant about its enforcement), and others are likely to follow suit.”

    I think we need to pass a stricter Environmental Protection law code as well, and the three strikes policy (for littering or not disposing of refuse in the proper manner) seems appropriate. If I were writing the law code I would make the penalty manual labor — restoring and cleaning up natural habitats — because some people have more money than they know what to do with (so they wouldn’t mind throwing some away so they can be lazy and not have to recycle)… we need change! Adopting their recycling practices would make a positive difference for the environment and for people (it’d create tons of green jobs because our recycling facilities already need to be better staffed and more of them built and put into operation). 

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