How much do LED lights cost?



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    Really depends on what type of light bulb you are looking to replace and how bright you want it. The brighter the bulb the more LED chips it uses and hence the higher the cost. I have seen bulbs range anywhere from $5 each to over $75. The large home centers are now carrying LED lightbulbs at pretty reasonable prices when you consider how long one lasts compared to a regular incandescent bulb. Not only will you save money on electricity in the long run you will buy fewer bulbs. It remains to be seen how those LED light bulbs will be disposed of at the end of their life. They are no longer just a simple glass envelope with a brass cap and some wires, now we have electronics inside a plastic case and aluminum heat sink. Hopefully the larger makers will offer a rebate upon return of the used bulbs or at least allow you to ship them back free of charge for proper recycling.

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