How much do jellyfish need to eat to stay alive?



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    Jellyfish, which are not really a fish, surprisingly is a carnivore. Trapping its enemies in it’s venomous stinging tentacles, it stuns and then consumes its prey. Some species even have venom potent enough to kill an adult human.

    Their main diet is plankton, but they are commonly found eating crustaceans as well as small fish. Jellyfish are drifters, and so their daily consumption vary a lot

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    Jellyfish have greatly varying feeding patterns. Some jellies eat microscopic animals and crustaceans floating in the water. Others have been known to eat other jellyfish as big as themselves. Though some may chase prey, for the most part they wait for food to come to them. Many have a glowing light which attracts prey and can sting an animal which touches it’s tentacles into paralyzation or death. For this reason the exact amount it needs to eat each day is difficult to know. However, for pet jellies it is recommended one feed 3 small moon jellies an amount of food roughly the size of a pea each day. This is enough for all three to survive on. 

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