How much energy do digital frames consume?



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    I think you will find this answer surprising.  These things are energy suckers… big time.  According to NPR, if every US family had just one, there would have to be 5 more plants to produce the neccesary electricity.  The average digital frames uses between 9 and 11 watts of energy.

  2. 0 Votes lists the power used by different digital picture frames.  Depending on the model, the “In-use” wattage of frames varies from 5w-10w.  For those models that have stand-by modes the average wattage is around 1w.  The site also lists the Co2 consumed by the frames which ranges from about 4-18Kg per year.  If you go to the site you can also find out the energy cost to the consumer per day and per year for using the frame.  

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