How much different would our impact on the environment be if we used only renewable energy?



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    It would be huge. Speaking specifically to our nation (the USA), a lot of their factories and companies that gather resources are not only pulling it from the homeland, they are going over seas to take others resources and cutting down their land, leaving those people with less resources for them!

    Renewable energy is a step towards recycling on a major scale, and living withinthe means of our resources. When in terms of America’s debt, we did it again… over drew!

    If you have 20 minutes, sound on your computer, then let me direct you to “The Story of Stuff”. This video covers the journey of how our system does not work because it is a linear system. If we don’t reuse energy and recycle, we will run out of resources eventually. This is a true eye opener!

    In the last decade alone we’ve used over 1/3 of our own resources…. Lots to think about and discover!


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    Using renewable energy would literally change the world we live in, because dealing away with fossil fuels would mean gradual stabilization of our climate, less smog in cities, thus a healthier population.

    It would also stabilize the economy, because renewable energy would be much more predictable than current oil prices. The environment would also hugely benefit for renewables, making it less stressful for nature to filter our waste.

    And non-the-less the world would be a safer place, because nations wouldn’t be competing for oil. 


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