How much different is the automotive industry today than it was 20 years ago?



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    I think it is quite different, at least in America.  We are currently having many more options for auto manufacturers than we did in the past (like kia, hyundai, scion and daewoo).  There are tighter regulations starting to be enforced or legislation that will soon be written on the MPG rating cars will have to have, and there is a growing effort to make alternative energy cars, particularly with smaller start up companies (like tesla).  I think it has certainly changed for the better, more options and much more competition to make really green cars.

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    Well, currently there are so many different types of hybrid vehicles and electric cars on the market that definitely were not prevalent in the industry in the 1990s. Also, while some companies such as Toyota have progressed in a positive direction, others have fallen behind as companies such as “Delphi and GM are facing bankruptcy and shares of GM have dropped to the lowest levels in 18 years.” It’s also predicted that very soon, Toyota will come out with its third generation Hybrid Drive, which is going to set a new standard on fuel efficiency, as this hybrid will be more powerful and a lot cheaper, possibly cutting hybrid costs by half. 

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