How much did wind power grow in the United States during 2009?



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    Wind power grew 39% thanks to stimulus money, reaching $63.5 billion dollars in revenue.  37,500 megawatts were installed, more than two-thirds of which were installed in China.  The stimulus investment, preventing a potential 50% decline, was directly responsible for the turnaround according to the American Wind Energy Association’s 4th Quarter 2009 industry assessment.

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    The use of wind power within the United States has grown every year. The United States is considered one of the top producers of energy through wind power. In 2009, the use of wind power grew almost 39 percent compared in 2008. The top producers of wind power in 2009 were Texas, Iowa, California, Washington and Minnesota.

    – Texas (9,410 MW)

    – Iowa (3,670 MW)

    – California (2,794 MW)

    – Washington (1,980)

    – Minnesota (1,809 MW)

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