How much did wind power grow by in 2009?



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    According to the World Wind Energy Association’s 2009 report, “Wind power showed a growth rate of 31,7 %, the highest rate since 2001.” This is despite the recession, likely from previous projects initiated in 2008. Also, according to the report, wind capacity is expected to double every 3 years and has followed this trend so far. Things are looking good for wind power!

    This report was published Wednesday, 10 March 2010.

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    The Global Wind Energy Council’s data grees with the report stated above in 2009.  The 31.7% increase in windpower growth equaled 37.5 gigawatts, bringing total windpower capacity to 157.9 gigawatts worldwide.  China generated one third of the total capacity and their market increased dramatically in 2009.

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