How much did California increase their solar output last year?



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    Though California has advanced its solar thermal technology, it’s difficult to say exactly by how much the output increased. Solar energy output monitoring systems have been inefficient and expensive in the past. As late as December 2010, SunReports became the first solar energy monitoring firm to meet the California Solar Initiative (CSI)’s requirements for a monitoring system. Accordingly, it’s difficult to compare measurements throughout the years if the monitoring systems have not been thoroughly developed.

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    As far as the actual energy output created last year, I was unable to find a number. However at the beginning of this year California’s continued installation projects and residential installations were projected to accommodate 975 MW. As of 2010 PV capacity in California was estimated to be 832.5 MW. If installation projections were accurate, capacity (not necessarily output) increased by 142.5 MW.

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