How much deforestation can be linked to furniture-making?



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    Deforestation for furniture making is quite common in Asia. The US’s demand for cheap furniture has caused severe and illegal deforestation in countries like China, Laos, and Vietnam. In 2007 the US imported over a third of all Vietnamese furniture exports– 930 million dollars worth. Though not quite furniture, chopstick manufacture requires 1.3 million cubic meters of Chinese timber each year.

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    Laos has been severely impacted by the furniture demand. It is estimated that 500,00 cubic feet of logs are hauled from Laos to Vietnam every year. This contributes to the deforestation of the area, and very little if any of the profit is seen by the people there. Most of the elected officials are being bribed to go alone with the illegal trade while countries like the United States, United Kingdon, Germany, and China take advantage of the cheap export.

     At one point, tropical forests covered about 1.5 billion hectacres of our planet and now only about 900 million heactacres are still standing. A direct correlation exists between deforestation and global warming, as the trees and are responsible for cycling out carbon dioxide and allowing us to breath oxygen.

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