How much could someone save if they raised their own eggs for a year?



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    Depending on how many chickens you get and how many eggs you eat, you could save a bundle. Chickens do not cost much to take care of, but then again, netiher do eggs. Many of those who chose to have chickens also sell their exess eggs since shickens produce several eggs a week. My family personally had three chickens on our small farm and they were enough to support a family fo five for a year so, go by that.

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    It really depends how many eggs you eat a year.  If you eat a lot and have enough chickens to meet your demands, then you’d probably save a good amount of money.  But if you only eat a small amount, it may not be saving you much.  Also bear in mind that if you have chickens, you have to pay for feed and upkeep of where they live.

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