How much could hemp green up the clothing industry?



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    Tremendously. Hemp is hands down the most versatile natural product humans can make use of. It grows quick, requires no pesticides due to natural pest deterrents in the hemp itself, and would be easy to replace cotton with. More products can be made out of hemp as compared to cotton as well. The stifling factor for hemp is that it is of the same species as Marijuana, which for some baffling and contradicting reasons, is still listed and enforced as an ‘illegal’ substance.  

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    I personally  couldn’t agree with jaksongitr more.  Hemp would green up the clothing industry enormously.  Hemp has much of the same properties as cotton in terms of being suitable for clothing but it is biodegradable.  It also has a great heat capacity ratio which means it’s a natural insulator.  It’s lightweight, soft, and comfortable which makes it ideal — you might even say perfect — for clothing and other apparel.  What makes it tricky, is like Jaksongitr mentioned, growing the plant is technically illegal in the U.S. because of all the laws surrounding marijuana. 

    Unfortunately preliminary studies do not see the same thing.  The problem is that production of any textile requires a lot of energy so cotton and hemp go head to head in terms of production costs.  Hemp requires less water and land to grow whereas cotton requires less overall energy to grow.  That being said, if hemp was made mainstream it’s probable that there would be a solution to some of the inefficiencies surrounding the production of hemp.  At this point, there’s no scientific winner, though general knowledge of the two crops suggests hemp takes the lead. 

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