How much corn do we import from other countries?



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    The U.S. imports about 200,000 metric tons of corn each year.

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    According to the USDA, the US exported 47.91 million metric tons of corn in the 2008-2009 fiscal year and imports of corn were negligible. For the year lunafish’s data appears to come from (2003-2004), the US exported 48.81 metric tons of corn, so, after taking into account the 200,000 tons of corn that were imported (I’m guessing much of this was from Brazil, and was imported to be used in products labeled as “GMO-free”, but I don’t have any data on that), the US still had a net surplus of 48.71 million metric tons of corn that year.

    It’s really hard to visualize what a metric ton of corn means. 450 pounds of corn contains enough calories to feed one person for a year and there are 2,204 pounds in a metric ton. So some quick math lets us calculate that the US exported enough corn to feed 238.6 million people in 2003-2004. Slightly more than the entire population of Indonesia, the 4th most populous country in the world.

    Much of that corn will be used to feed animals, and a diet of nothing but corn (or any grain for that matter) will lead to some unpleasant nutritional deficiencies, but I hope that statistic puts in perspective how huge US corn exports to other countries are.

    Citation [1] includes graphs of the amount of corn exported the biggest corn exporting countries and imported by the biggest corn importing countries.

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