How much corn do we grow in America every year?



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    America is the largest producer of corn in the world. We harvest over 70 million acres of corn farmland and produce over 10 billion bushels of corn per year (data taken from 2004-2006)

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    The amount of corn produced by the US has been steadily increasing, the current record harvest was in 2007-2008 at 13.04 billion bushels of corn. This year (2009-2010) we didn’t quite break that record, harvesting 12.92 billion bushels of corn. 

    In the last century our production of corn has increased more than 4-fold while the amount of farm land devoted to growing it has dropped 15%. (From a high of around 100 million acres.)

    All data from the USDA:ERS Feed Grains Yearbook Tables.

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