How much compost can one house produce in a year?



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    The average American creates 1,600 lbs of garbage a year, roughly 25% of which is yard waste or food scraps. So, with 3.5 people per household (making 5,600 lbs of garbage all together), that results in about 1,400 lbs of compost per year. Composting instead of throwing it away will not only reduce the amount of garbage that goes into a landfill, but it also gives you plenty of healthy nutrients to put right back into the ground, which makes for thriving gardens.

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    Adamanta did a great job at answering how much compostable material the average family produces in a year, but is one step short of answering this question.

    When you compost material, the volume (water loss primarily) is reduced by approximately 50% (Soil Facts, 1991).  So that would be 700 lbs of compost that could be produced by the average household.

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