How much coffee do Americans drink in a year?



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    It is estimated that Americans consume about 45 million pounds of coffee each year.  In the US, those who drink coffee have an average of 2.6 cups per day.

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    About half of Americans drink coffee regularly. For these people, the average amount is 3.4 cups, or 27.2 fluid ounces. This means that the average coffee-drinker in the US drinks over 1200 cups a year.

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    Americans are known for their over consumption of products and coffee is no different.  Caffeine is a stimlulant which of course helps with the sell of coffee because it keeps us awake and competitive.  54% of the adult population drink coffee everday, so this is a very large market population.  If there are 108,000,000 coffee drinkers in the US spending $164.71 a year on coffee a piece.

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