How much CO2 do houses release?



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    In 2003 the average US household produced 12.4 tons of carbon dioxide.  This was the most recent estimate I could find, though in April 2011, the EPA estimated about 7.4 metric tons for electricity alone.

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    One CO2 emissions factor is to figure .527 kilograms of carbon emissions for every kilowatt hour. An average home runs about 4800 kilowatt hours. This produces 2529.6 kilograms of carbon emissions. Much of this is from the use of electricty, and almost half of that is from lighting and consumer electronics.

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    Carbon dioxide emissions vary from home to home based on a number of factors. How many people share a home, how many cars are used, and waste disposal are a few factors that can effect this number. There are some easy (and very basic) household emissions calculators available online, as well as more more specific ones like the one on the EPA’s page. I attached a link to both. They both also give suggestions about how to reduce emissions and/or buy carbon credits to offset your emissions.

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