How much clean water does it take to pay for a desalination plant?



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    Replacing your old windows can cut down on your energy bill, but the savings do come at a cost. Replacing one window could run you from $300 to even $1,000. The overall cost will be determined by how many windows and stories you have in your house as well as the condition of the existing window frame. The more windows (and bigger windows) the greater the cost and if you have frames that are rotten or damages expect to pay about 50 to 100% more than you would for a window with a frame in good condition.

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    Too much.

    No one has answered what the damage to the environment is using desalination plants.

    1. Sucking in all microbials and then dumping what is normally consumed as food
    2. returning the brine inclusive the added chemicals and killing off sections of the ocean inclusive breeding patterns

    As was once quoted to me by a certain Dr of sorts and a pro. desalination expert, ” the ocean will at the return “outlet” become a dead zone and there will be a specie change required (sound like something from a horror story).

    My personal take is that we need to better manage our water than use this method. I have even heard of collecting the toxic waste created and then sealing these in drums and removing to “organised waste landfill site”. A few engineers need to go as well.

    I am sure we can find better sources than these nightmares.

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