How much cheaper is hydropower as compared with thermal power plants and nuclear plants?



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    The cost of energy depends on the amount of energy extracted from a resource per dollar spent. Factors that influence this ratio include: 1) The cost of constructing the plant 2) The cost of the fuel used in the plant 3) The efficiency of the technology used to extract the energy 4) the cost of maintaining the plant and it’s facilities 5) the amount of regulations imposed on plants by government agencies 6) The methods in which the energy is transported to your home 7) Corporate competition and other market stuff. These tend to change as costs of resources go up and down, and as the technology advances. 

    But to answer your real question. Nuclear is far and away the cheapest source, at just 2.1 cents per Kwh. The cost of Hydro and Geothermal depends heavily upon what type of plant and what technology is used, but the two are for all purposes tied. 

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