How much carbon will we be able to get rid of if we pass a UN climate bill?



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    It depends entirely on the content of the UN bill. Most of the actions taken by the United Nations comes in the form of “non-binding” agreements, which mean exactly what the name implies. This means that even if a climate bill was passed, that did call for drastic CO2 reductions, there would be no way to actually enforce it, and thus nothing would actually have to change. Looking at the history of non-binding actions, it is likely that nothing will change. The first link is a good example of how the UN can pass a resolution, and a country and unilaterally decide to ignore it.

    At the same time, some countries don’t want to wait for the UN to deal with climate change. India has decided to lead the charge and offer to unilaterally reduce it’s CO2 emissions. That is a major victory for the environment, as India is the world’s second most populous country.

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