How much carbon does a tree need to absorb to make 1 pound of oxygen?



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    It is widely known that tree and plankton play major roles in carbon sequestration from our atmosphere. Some people have even proposed fertilizing the ocean to increase carbon sequestration and mitigate the anthropogenic CO2 that is released into the atmosphere. Although it is difficult to determine exactly how much carbon a tree needs to absorb in order to generate 1 lb of oxygen, several sources have said that a full grown tree can absorb 48 lbs of CO2/yr and produce enough oxygen for two human beings.

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    The link below addresses this question in a sort of round about way. It says that per pound of tree growth, 1.5 pound of carbon dioxide are used and about a pound of oxygen is released. To me, this suggest that one pound of oxygen is produced for each pound and a half of carbon dioxide.

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