How much carbon does a pine tree absorb in its lifetime?



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    According to, a 25 year old pine tree absorbs about .00682 tons of carbon per year.  So, for the 25 years its been alive, its already absorbed .1705 tons.  If the tree lives to be 100, it will have absorbed .682 tons of carbon, and if it lives to be 1000 years, it will have absorbed 6.82 tons.

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    This depends a lot on the species of pine you’re talking about as well as the size of the tree. The longer the age, the more carbon it will use up in its lifetime. The large the tree, the more carbon it needs to take up to keep functioning as well as to build itself up to that size. Typical pines live for 100-1000 years. The bristlecone pines are known to live for as much as 5,000 years. Dwarf pines reach only 1-3 meters in height, while the sugar pine reaches 40-60 m on average.

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