How much carbon does the average human emit in a day?



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    This is the way that someone calculated the amount of carbon emitted by humans:

    “Assuming that about 450ml/min of CO2 are expired per person per minute – this means the net CO2 respired (CO2 produced by respiration) is around 400ml/min.

    1g of CO2 has a volume of 556ml. Therefore 400ml has weight of 0.72g. Therefore in 1 hour the net CO2 released is 0.72 X 60=43.2g.

    One day is 43.2 X 24=1036g or 1.036kg.

    One year is 1.036 X 365= 378.332Kg or 0.378332 metric tons.

    If the global population is 6.5bn this comes to a total weight of 2.459158000Gt.”

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