How much carbon do our appliances release?



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    This website has a great table of the emissions of regular household appliances. Some appliances of interest are Microwaves – 39 kg CO2 per year, standard light bulb – 63 kg CO2 per year (low energy light bulb – 11 kg CO2 per year), and a fridge/freezer – 89 to 175 kg CO2 per year.

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    No appliances release carbon dioxide directly – except for a gas oven. Indirectly, they may be – by consuming electricity. The amount will depend on your electricity supplier – it will be a lot if it comes from fossil fuels (and vary depending on which one), or may be close to zero if it comes from solar, wind, and other renewables. It will also depend to some degree by your home’s distance from the power source, as electricity is lost during transmission from the power plant to the user.

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