How much carbon can a tree get rid of in a day?



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    Trees don’t get rid of carbon. They do store carbon, but the only time they actively remove carbon from the atmosphere is when they are growing. The rate at which they grow determines how much carbon they can get rid of in a day. Since most trees grow slowly, they take in carbon pretty slowly as well. But when a tree is burned or cut down, the carbon can be released into the atmosphere very quickly.

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    The amount of carbon a tree can sequester varies with the type of tree, the size, and the season. But in general, a single mature tree can absorb and convert carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. Assuming that the conditions are constant everyday of the year, we divide this rate by the 365 days in a year. The result is that a tree (under constant conditions) will sequester .1315 pounds of carbon per day. Of course, conditions are never constant and carbon sequestration varies with climate and seasonal conditions.

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