How much of Canada’s oil production comes from the tar sands project?



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    60% of Canada’s oil comes from the Tar Sands Project. The Tar sands are host to some of the thickest oil in the world. This is a 7 billion dollar oil project orchestrated by TransCanada. It is expected that the oil sands have reserves of 171.3 billion barrels, for reference, Saudi Arabia has reserves of 264.2 billion barrels.

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    60% of Canada’s oil does not come from the tar sands. “Oil received at Ontario refineries”, as indicated in the other answer’s reference, is not the same as Canada’s oil production.  See previous answer (40%) and the links therein.

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    40% of Canadian oil production comes from the tar sands. A previous GreenAnswers question regarding the tar sands also answers this question. You can read the question and the answer here:

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