How much can you see and do online with the wi-fi e-reader?



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    There isn’t too much you can do with the wifi built into an ereader.  It allows you to download books on the go, but that’s about it.  Considering ereaders need to be lightweight, they are made with the minimal computer capabilities necessary to serve their function, which is keeping digital copies of books.  There are other options available if you want to do more with your wifi, such as tablet PC’s or palm pilots.  But, of course they will cost much more than your typical $150-200 for an ereader.

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    That answer isn’t necessarily accurate, as the Barnes and Noble Nook Color allows for surfing the web on a color e-ink display—amongst being able to check emails; view word, powerpoint, excel, and PDF files (but not edit or write them); and play online games like chess, and crossword puzzles.  It even lets you listen to music.  The device has 8GB of built in storage, and allows for SD cards to expand its storage capacity.  The Nook retails at only $249, which is pretty acceptable for an e-reader that does more than just let the user read books.

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