How much can we spend on green products in the United States?



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    This is a difficult question to ask without context… Do you mean how much money should we allocate towards research and development, as a nation, on more environmentally friendly products? Or how much money do we actually have to dedicate to products? etc. etc.

    In theory, the amount we spend isn’t nearly as relevant as the effort directed towards the products. For example, one should chose to be environmentally friendly where ever possible, so it isn’t really a matter of how much we “can” spend, but how much we “should” spend. We should chose to purchase all of our products in “green” form, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will, or that we have the option too (I, for example, cannot afford to live in a LEED certified home, as I rent and few rentals have yet to approach the eco- side of things).

    Feel free to respond by comment to further clarify your question, and I would happy to attempt to answer it.

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