How much can we save by driving electric vehicles?



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    The best way to see what you can save by driving electric vehicles is take the cost of gas that you pay over a year and find the difference between the electricity use that is necessary to charge a car for that much. Also, electric cars are said to need less maintenance than gas powered vehicles, though exact figures for that are unknown. Electric cars come in different sizes and efficiencies, so a solid number is difficult to calculate. One estimate from 2007 is that the equivalent of a gallon of gas would cost around 75 cents if charged by electricity.

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    Just in terms of fuel, we can save quite a bit.  If you assume a gas price of $2.55 per gallon and electricity price of $0.1055 per kilowatt hour, then it costs a 2007 Toyota Camry $2.83 to drive 30 miles (average American’s daily commute).  It would cost a Tesla Roadster (100% electric) $0.66 to drive the same distance.

    In addition to fuel prices, EVs require significantly less maintenance.  A typical 4 cylinder engine contains over 100 parts that can potentially require maintenance.  The motor of the Tesla Roadster contains one part, the rotor.  There is generally no transmission in electric vehicles, though some have one.  For example, the Tesla Roadster has a transmission while the Nissan Leaf does not. 

    Other maintenance issues in gas vehicles that are not required in EVs are: oil changes, filters, coolants, clutches, spark plugs and wires, PVC valve, oxygen sensors, timing belt, fan belt, water pump and hoses, catalytic converter, and muffler.  That can add up to quite a bit of savings!

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