How much can one college help the environment?



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    The effect one college can have directly on the environment is negligible (only so much waste can be cut and recycling done by one school). A college could start a recycling program,, but it would only affect the college and maybe the surrounding city. As i mentioned before, on a global scale this would be negligible

    The real way a college can make a difference is by educating young adults about the environment, teaching environmental engineers and economists how to make business profitable and sustainable (shout out to SUNY Binghamton). 

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    A college or university can play a vital role in the protection of the environment. Education is such an important key to conservation and preservation. They can educate their students across a variety of classes.

    Colleges can also set an example by making recycling easy in classrooms and dorms. They can install motion-senstitive lighting and water-reducing showers. They can purchase green furniture when it comes time to replace or remodel offices, classrooms, or dorms.

    Colleges can set up organiztations that focus on the environment and encourage their students to join locally and nationally.

    Colleges can have a huge positive impact on the environment and must strive to do so.

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