How much can motorcycles help clean up the environment?



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    Actually motorcycles are worse for the environment than cars and even SUVs. The average motorcycle pollutes 10 times more per mile than the average passenger car. Though motorcycles are more fuel efficient and create less CO2, they account for roughly 10% of smog. Motorcycles also produce a greenhouse gas called nitrous oxide.

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    The issue of motorcycles’ efficiency is one that is hotly debated on the environmental front. They tend to get better gas mileage, they’re smaller so they’re more efficient to ship, and they’re extremely popular in countries that are more eco-friendly than the US. On the other hand, they’re far less regulated for emissions than cars so there are models of motorcycles that can have up to 90 times more pollution than an SUV! The cycles are smaller so there is less room for equipment that they can use to convert and clean up the emissions. There are pros and cons in the debate and it’s certainly not clear cut.

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