How much can a male Silverback Gorilla bench?



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    It appears that there are numerous conflicting views on the strength of silverback gorillas, as their strength has never been studied in detail. Thus, I cannot tell you exactly how much a male silverback gorilla can bench-press. Their strength can be anywhere from 5-20 times that of a human, but a gorilla might not necessarily have enough skill to bench-press something better than a human. At any rate, they are most likely 10 times stronger than a human.

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    Many people posting online say that a show on “the animal channel” stated a silverback male gorilla can bench press 4600 pounds.  I can’t find a source for which particular program it was or how they did their test, unfortunately, so take that with a grain of salt.

    However, gorillas are many times stronger than humans, and as the current record for human bench pressing is 1075lbs, the figure of a large male gorilla doing 4600 sounds reasonable. 

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    They can bench 4,600 lbs. Its on animal planets the most extreme.

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