How much can I get for recycling my old refrigerator?



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    It depends on where you live and what the local programs offer. There are several programs nationally that offer recycling for old appliances, including refrigerators. Many services simply offer a free pick-up and removal, with no payment. Others will pay you for the appliance, like EnergyTrust of Oregon.

    The government Energy Star program offers information on appliance pickup, including refrigerators. There are links on the page to help you locate a local program.

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    Normally, the company you purchase an appliance from will haul the old appliance away for free.  Recycling a refrigerator for money, the prices listed on the internet range from $35 – $50 depending on where you live and if a recycling pickup center is available.  The most common price is $35.  A few such programs are SCE, PG&E, PECO, and AVISTA. 

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