How much can I get bamboo to build with?



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    Depends on what you’re trying to build and what you want to build with.  Bamboo lumber is usually harder to come by than bamboo plywood or veneers, so if you’re constructing say, a desk, it might be much easier to build the desk out of a common lumber like oak, then apply the bamboo veneer for the bamboo look.  Teragren bamboo products are just about the best in the business, and depending on what state you’re in and what size you need, 4×8 plywood sheets usually run between $200-$300.  Teragren also sells pre-cut bamboo flooring.  And yes, it’s all FSC-certified.

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    Bamboo is an extremely hardy plant and can grow almost anywhere.  While it flourishes in tropic, sub-tropic, and temperate zones, certain species of bamboo can survive in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Because of this, you may be able to acquire a sufficient amount of bamboo for construction from a friend or neighbor (for free).  The quality of the bamboo may not be sufficient to build supporting walls, but it will certainly be fine for aesthetic use.  I live in the Seattle area and I know of at least a dozen homes in my neighborhood which boast an overgrown bamboo population in their yards.

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