How much can a household save by using reusable containers instead of plastic bags?



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    There is no single answer to this question.  First of all, a lot of variables are involved, such as: cost of reusable containers, cost of plastic bags, and frequency of usage.  Think about it this way… you can buy reusable containers made by the same brands who make plastic bags at the supermarket for just a few dollars per pack.  But there are also many other options for reusable containers that are more durable, better designed, made from green materials, etc. that are much more expensive than the supermarket variety.  And as we know, plastic bags are very cheap.  All that being said, all plastic containers will pay themselves off over time, and you will eventually save from using them but that will take some time and the amount saved for most families will be pretty negligible.  BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use reusable containers!  Do it because it is easy, affordable, and good for the environment and not because you are going to end up saving thousands of dollars! 

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