How much can adding skylights save on your energy bill?



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    For each energy efficient skylight you add to your home, you save about $15 a year. Skylights lower the usage of interior lights during the day. Also, if you purchase qualifying skylights, you can get tax credits 10% of the cost and up to $200.

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    This depends on many factors, like where the building is in relation to other buildings, how many skylights are added, and what the weather is like where the building is located (for example, there is more sunny weather in Southern California than in Seattle; therefore the skylights in the Southern California house or building would provide more natural light) 

    I can say as someone who lives in a home with skylights that they provide a lot of light and we rarely turn on the lights unless it’s dark outside, saving a decent amount of energy daily. 

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    How much  you save using skylights depends on many factors as lorena says. You can view this  Case study conducted on factory and the details of how much the factory has saved on their electricity consumption. See citations.

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