How much caffeine is there in tea?



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    It depends on the type of tea you are drinking, but typically, tea leaves contain 3% caffeine by weight. Yet this ranges from 1.4-4.5% percent. There are many factors that determine the caffeine content, most of all the type of tea leaf and the way the tea is prepared. Other factors include the dryness of the leaf, the soil chemistry, altitude, the type of plant and where the leaf is located on the plant and the cultivation process. Young buds and the first leaf generally have more caffeine. A factor that has no effect is the level of oxidation. Green, oolong, black and white teas all contain caffeine. Tea from the China tea plant contain very low levels. Black tea has approximately 23-110 mg, oolong tea has 12-55 mg, green tea has 8-36 mg, and white tea 6-25 mg.

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