How much BPA does it take to be dangerous?



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    The lethal dose of BPA is listed as 6500 mg kg-1.

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    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has established a maximum acceptable dose for Bisphenol-A, or a “reference dose”. According to them, the maximum amount of BPA consumed to still be considered safe is .05 mg per kg of body weight each day. According to studies done, it is estimated that this is about 4000 times more than our average daily intake of BPA from food, household products, etc. To put these numbers in perspective, this equates to an average adult ingesting more than 1,300 pounds of BPA contaminated products each day for an entire lifetime to surpass the EPA’s estimated safe levels. And then your levels begin to get dangerous, but it doesn’t seem very likely that you’ll ever get to that point.

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